Friday, April 1, 2016

no fooling'!

I guess I have an inner curmudgeon because April Fools Day has always been my least favorite (bordering on hated) holiday. lol My Texas home builder client asked me to change the price of one of their homes but gave me a typo'd house number. After looking and not finding it I had to email back to tell them that home doesn't exist. I then added "or was this an April Fool Joke? :)" Turns out it was just an accidental wrong house number. No biggy. I just suspect everything today! I can't even enjoy browsing facebook on April 1 because I know there will be a large number of prank stories.

But, knowing that Cro actually does like April Fools Day I have been thinking what to prank him with. The best thing I can think of is to have a fake drink spill laying over his keyboard. Loki turns over unattended drinks with delight so it isn't something that hasn't happened. Not over his keyboard though. I don't have any white glue to make a fake spill prop though. Ah well.

Matt and I went to see the Batman V Superman movie at the Indianapolis Studio Movie Grill. We'd heard the movie was getting poor reviews but we both liked it.

Regarding the theater, if you don't order ANYTHING the movie is cheaper than the other theaters we frequent. If you do order something I've been told to expect an invisible 17.5 gratuity to be added to the bill. If it's like the bills other people have posted about it will also contain a line for "recommended tip". That's on top of the invisible gratuity. Isn't that tricking people into paying double tips? Maybe not, I haven't purchased food/drink so don't know what it's like first-hand.

Matt and I did enjoy the theater lots. Lots of leg room and a handy tray at each of the large seats. We plan to add this spot to our regular rotation but I doubt we'll be ordering food and drinks with our movies often if ever.


  1. I totally got BF last night with the "I think I'm pregnant" thing. He freaking fell for it. Isn't that the oldest trick in the book???


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