Friday, April 8, 2016

The home-zoo – ouchy mouse, hungry birds, greedy squirrel and guard-cat

A low carb chili dog on a low carb wrap was lunch today (I only ate one of these). The spicy cheese was very good with it.

Something is wrong with my right shoulder and right wrist. Very achy! but I have work to do. My wrist is becoming sickening painful so I wrapped it tightly in some surgical tape I had left over from years past. Hopefully that will make using the computer mouse a little less painful. Tomorrow starts a new weekend so I'll stay away from the computer and aggravation of this repetitive-motion ache then.

Loki is holding vigil at window that overlooks the back bird feeder. He's doing his best to keep the squirrel from eating all of the bird seed.

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmm I've been in the mood for something hot-doggy lately.

    Sending healing energy to your little poor wrist and shoulder. Only when something is ouchie do we realize how much we freaking use it. One little paper cut on a thumb can be downright awful.

    :( yay for the weekend off the puter.


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