Thursday, April 21, 2016

redo is a funny sounding word

Ugh, I had to recreate two of my HTML5 banners ads from scratch because Adobe Edge Animate is such a sensitive beast to revisions. For example, I needed to add more time and swap out one graphic. Adding more time was fine, but adding the needed new graphic caused an unrecoverable error. Even moving something 1 pixel would cause it to crash. I tried over and over a dozen different ways, restarted my Mac… no luck.

Ah well, recreating them from scratch. It took half the time of what it took to build them the first time. So a few hours later and I have brand new files. That is unbillable time. It's not the client's fault that Edge is such a wedgie. They just wanted a single graphic changed.

And now, I guess I need to quote that "small" project that had to be put off until finishing the banners. I say "small" because I won't know until I look over the specs.

It seems all I talk about this week is work.

Air conditioner maintenance is tomorrow. It's actually working just fine right now but maintenance is good anyway.

Loki walked out the door yesterday. I was taking too long with the door open to retrieve a few packages left on the step. Lol, cat! I picked him up and carried him back inside with the packages. He acted like it was no big deal. Though he does look a bit pissed off in the photo. And what's up with those bushy eyebrows?


  1. Loki is rocking those eyebrows... that is for sure!

    1. He looks like an old man with big brow hair. :D


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