Monday, April 18, 2016

suburban coyotes and dollars of depression

Wow, another weekend is gone already. I've been worrying about a lull I've been experiencing in work. A lull? Well, not really I guess. I had a website to create in one week that took up all of last week plus a little weekend time. Recent weeks have given me lots of emails to create as well as banner ads.

When I look at my earnings this year compared to last I am actually a little ahead this year. I guess it's the general tax time malaise that is making me feel gloomy and full of doubt. This is birthday gift giving season for me too so money woes are on my mind. I want to gift the people who are important to me properly.

Monday is usually a slow day of the week but I've been contacted by 2 clients and a new prospect already and it's not even noon. Okay, feeling a little more positive I suppose.

Game of Thrones begins a new season this coming Sunday.

Mom had her lawyer call me because she used the wrong name when referring to me on her will and quick sell deed for the farm. She used my first and middle name as were on my birth certificate but I changed my middle name over 10 years ago when I married Cro. The lawyer thinks things can be left as is and I shouldn't have trouble proving that it's referring to me even though the name isn't exactly right.

I don't like thinking about mom dying but she's 74 so it's on her mind. She wears a helmet now when she goes horseback riding. :) Unless it's too hot and then she straps it to the saddle.

Cro took his bow apart to install a different wheel (it's a compound bow and it has wheels as part of the components to draw the string). His bow is over 20 years old and one of the wheels became cracked in storage. Long story – he didn't think he would have an easy time finding a replacement part but a guy on a bow forum he participates in said he had an extra for that type of bow and sent it to him. Wow, what a nice guy! :) After taking the bow apart Cro discovered the wheel was not the same. So he took photos of it and then put his bow back together with the cracked wheel. He explained that it wasn't the correct wheel on the bow forum and the guy who sent it said he had sent the wrong one and would put the correct one in the mail. Again, wow, what an incredibly nice guy. :) By the time he gets the correct wheel and takes the bow apart to install it, Cro is going to be a master bow disassembler/reassembler.

He's been practicing and regained his shooting skills. I dreamed there was a dead black bear in our backyard and the coyote was creeping up to eat it. I ask Cro if he was going to use his bow to shoot the coyote and he said no, suburban coyote isn't in season. :P

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