Tuesday, April 19, 2016

too hot to worry about monsters

Yay… more stuff to do than Negan can shake a stick at. :P

Seriously, I sold a small website design yesterday, which is to be worked on next week. And I got another HTML5 banner ad job that I'm working on this week. AND I just got word on a sort of unknown but "small" project that I'll need to quote Thursday so will probably be doing that Friday or early next week.

When it rains it pours. :)

I made LC salsa chili this morning so will be having that for meals for today, tomorrow and maybe Thursday. I chopped up five jalapeño peppers along with half a yellow onion to simmer with the ground beef. Half a jar of salsa and a can of black beans complete the chili. Oh, and I had mixed some chili powder last week so I used the rest of it in the chili along with some sea salt. Spicy yum.

I am supposed to call the heating/air conditioning people to service our central air. It isn't doing it's job very well. Thankfully it isn't THAT hot yet. I didn't need it yesterday until late evening to cool the house a bit so we could sleep.

I remember not having air conditioning growing up. A clear memory I have is of a summer evening that was so uncomfortably hot that I angled myself to rest my head against the glass of the window that was near my bed. I had a brief thought of monsters getting me, but f that, it was too hot to worry about monsters. Yes, I lived in the country. No way I could have done that if I were a city kid. I also remember how cool my pillowcase would be on the bottom. Flipping the pillow so the cool side was against my face was a necessary part of getting to sleep. It only worked until I'd warmed up the cool side and had to flip it again.

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