Monday, April 4, 2016


Wow. The Walking Dead finale is still depressing me. Don't read further if you don't want spoiler talk. I'm not kidding.

-----------DANGER! SPOILER ZONE!----------
 You've been warned.

So I sort of knew a major character was to be killed at the end of this finale. I even knew the circumstances of the killing. What I didn't know and what I STILL don't know is who was killed. What a bummer of a cliff hanger. Not only do I have to mourn the loss of a major character but since I don't know which one and won't until next season, I am mourning the possibility of several of them who it might have been. My initial theory was that it is probably a minor-major character. You know, one that is there every week but who isn't super beloved. But then I read that no, it's a beloved character and it is split on this particular cliffhanger because the next season will be all about the world without this character and how everyone copes and adjusts. So then I though it must be the most major character of all… Rick… but nope. Someone reminded me that the baddy said that no one is to move once the deadly beating begins. And that if anyone does the boy's other eye is to be cut out and shoved down the father's throat. Rick is the father so I suppose that means he isn't the one to be killed.

*sigh* Not knowing sucks. I guess it isn't really a spoiler since the finale didn't even tell!
----------------SPOILERS ARE OVER---------------

Back to normal life. I'm working on a new website for the small agency this week. Since I'm trying to avoid hosting anything new I am building the site on someone else's server space. And I'm experiencing the woes of dealing with problems when I don't have full access to everything like I do my own server space. I ended up saying #^%*-it! and building on my own space just to not have wasted the day. Other server guy is finally able to get it going on his server, so I have to rebuilt everything I've done again tomorrow. Not that big of a deal but wah. All this because I don't want to deal with hackers.

Wow, I thought summer was here. Not this week. We are back in the 30's and snow predicted for Friday. I doubt it will happen. To be fair, 38º right now but was 45º earlier today.


  1. My bet? Negan accidentally hit himself with barbed-wire baseball bat and smashed his own skull in. IT COULD HAPPEN!

    1. I hope! But for some reason I doubt it. One of my beloved not-real people are all smooshed now! :(

  2. You built your own space? Genius-level. Woah.

    1. I build websites on my own rented server space. Not genius in the hardware-techy stuff. Cro is. But he's busy doing his own stuff so I try not to bug him too much. The cat though, he's worthless. Oh, he's cute and cuddly so that counts. hehe

    2. You know you're amazing... and this prevents any possible future stress.... handling it on your own.... I need to change my photo... I miss my little cuddle bunny every time I see the icon!!! I did not know that Cro knew that kind of stuff. That is awesome.

  3. I was just saying you were a genius for making your own.... and I think I clicked "Sign Out" instead of "Publish."

    But yes... its bears mentioning twice.... you're a Web Genius... SO IMPRESSIVE>


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