Thursday, May 12, 2016

Another movie with Matt tonight

We are going to see The Huntsman at Movie Studio Grill. They have less expensive movies if you don't buy drink/food. Matt says he might get a cocktail though. :)

I spoke with my retirement account advisor and have begun the process of cashing it in. She was impressed by how much "homework" I've done regarding the amount of the large chunk for taxes and expectation on the amount that will come to me in cash. I'm at peace with having to cash it in early. My business will benefit from having the cash available, I will stress less about making mortgage payments and though the gub'ment is getting a large bite, it's still not getting my own contributions, just a chunk of what was employer match contribution. I'd leave it alone if I didn't need it. It isn't enough to make a huge difference at retirement since I'm no longer contributing to it.

Meals today have been a bowl of salsa chili. Probably not much else but if I do it will be an egg.


  1. I'm not surprised that you did your homework. Always best to know what you're doing (especially with your money). That must be a relief to you. This time of year is seriously the toughest for me - from April 15 to June 15... only sixty days and then... well, in the self employed world, you know what I mean... I heard that movie was really good. It's so crazy that the fancy movie is cheaper!!! <3Angela

    p.s. I'm down to six eggs, so you know I need to make an ALDI run :) xoox

  2. It would have been cheaper but we both got a cocktail. :o Mojito for me and a sugary (yummy) Dr Pepper concoction for him. We traded sips to see what each other was having and we both approved, hehe.

    I still have plenty of eggs and stuff to make more salsa chili. Yay low carb. :D

    Yeah, I know what it's like for us freelancers and when the projects go through a dry period. Sucks but it keeps us moving and trying for new sources of income. My busy time will pick back up mid-June, I have a couple of retainer clients (not super-huge income but reliable), and a couple of website/email design projects on the table right now.


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