Friday, May 6, 2016

Birthday movie and eggs.

Matt's birthday celebration was fun. First he opened a few gifts and then we went to see the movie Captain America Civil War.

I made a little gift tag/card by sketching the Wonder Woman symbol (he loves Wonder Woman) and realized that by turning it upside-down it was MM (Matt's initials).

I gifted him with a Wonder Woman movie poster from the Batman v Superman movie and a couple of fashion books that he had been wanting.

The movie was super long but good. We thought it would be packed since it was opening night but the theater must not be in a hugely popular area because there were only 12ish people other than us. Cro will love watching it from the comfort of home since it was very good and our only complaint was our butts were numb from such a long time sitting in uncomfortable seats. lol

I made a fried bologna, egg and spicy cheese stack for lunch (pictured). I ate half of it before not wanting any more. Darn eggs!!!

Loki knows what to do with a bit of offered egg.

[ 2.3g ] half a fried bologna, egg and cheese stack
[ 4.5g ] 1 Dove dark chocolate
[ 0g ] item

=====Total 6.8 carbs=====


  1. Kind of a mess to look at, but it was good until I was full and didn't want any more. Fried eggs do go well on sandwiches… or stacks too messy to eat without a fork.

  2. What markers did you use for the gift tag? You are so creative. Talented.

    1. Just some old markers called "Colorific Gel", a black sharpie pen and a pink crayon for the little heart.


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