Wednesday, May 4, 2016

birthdays and no sleep

Today is Matt's birthday! We are doing gifts and a movie (Captain America Civil War) tomorrow evening.

Loki was so bad last night, running, leaping, jumping off of my body and clinging to the headboard right above me like a gargoyle. I would then have to reach up and nudge him off to the floor, which started it all over again. I'm sure I went through this cycle at least 50 times as it lasted from 3:10am until 3:50am. On the very last one I was so frustrated and sleep deprived that I did the little smack-smack-smack cat-paw-inspired smacking to him. He was immediately offended and emotionally hurt. He jumped down from the bed and I heard a long, sad, MEOOOOOOORRRAARROOORRR. :( That of course guilted me into getting up to make amends. I added a few more grains of dry food to his already full bowl while he watched. Then I picked him up and petted him while telling him I still loved him. When I went back to bed he jumped in with me and snuggled in for some sleep!!! Yay!!!

Good grief. I'm still a bit sleepy today.

My mortgage payment just went through and my bank account is down to less than 3 months survivability. You know, how much savings you need to live and pay bills if no other money comes in. That is scary-depressing. I guess I won't dwell on it and get back to work and make some more money! I have plenty owed to me so maybe some client checks will arrive this week. Haa :D I almost deleted this part of the post because depressing money stuff but am leaving it because someday I can look back and be happy about where I am at that time. I hope. :P

Friends of mine just got back from a super fab vacation in Jamaica to celebrate a 40th birthday. As I looked at the photos they had posted I found myself with a dreamy smile. So fun and so nice! Cro and I haven't done a real vacation in a good while and have never been out of the country. Future fun.

Eggs eggs eggs today. Inspired by this low carb ice cream I made a low carb custard rather than putting it in the ice cream maker. I tried a spoon before putting it in the freezer and wow, yum. Mine was made with 5 egg yolks, 1/2 cup of sugarfree caramel DaVinci syrup, a tablespoon of Stevia in the Raw and 1 cup heavy whipping cream. I guess that works out to 10 carbs for the entire batch.

I made a peppermint bullet proof tea using some of the remaining egg whites and scrambled the rest of them.

Oh, and Cro bought a container of peppadew peppers for me. :) He knows that I've loved them ever since I had them at Fogo de Chao. The salad bar at the supermarket must have an empty spot since he scooped them all up for me.

[ 5.2g ] 2 eggs scrambled in butter (with diced peppadew)
[ .6g ] BPT
[ 5g ] custard
[ 1.2g ] 2 eggs scrambled in butter

=====Total 12 carbs=====

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