Thursday, May 26, 2016


I dreamt Matt and I were in college together again. There was an automatic coffee-in-a-paper-cup dispenser in one of the buildings and Matt loved to get a coffee between classes. :) I think it was the building where our earth science class was held. We had a big box of labeled rocks to refer to during class. One of our personal jokes still to this day is to hold up an invisible rock and say Gneiss!! (Nice!!) Guess you had to be there. :)

My goal for the day is to spray Super Iron Out on every surface in our house that has water rust stains scrub and get rid of it. I should have forearms like Popeye after all of that spray bottle action. *gah, I hope not!*

I ate half a mini muffin from those I made yesterday and decided to throw them all out. I used a TBSP of sesame oil and a TBSP of walnut oil for the two tablespoons of oil. It just tasted foul and I think that might be why. Hey dummy (me), use coconut oil next time! That should have been a no-brainer given that I use a can of coconut milk in the recipe. Coconut oil next time for sure! Gneiss!!

In work news I quoted another responsive email design yesterday. Texas home builder sites and a new rum distillery website are also stuff on my plate.

[ .7g ] half a mini muffin
[ 2g ] spicy cheese crisps
[ 0g ] item
[ 0g ] item

=====Total 0 carbs=====


  1. I never knew you and M went to college together.... What's up with the labeled rocks? Like, for an archeology class?

    Coconut oil... GNEISS!

  2. Yeah, we had an earth science class (one of the required non-art classes). We met in roller-skating class, lol. One phys-ed class per semester was required and roller-skating was more appealing than karate or *gasp* bowling. Matt and I ended up as skating partners, he was much better than I was. A great memory is how he helped me to learn the technique to hop around to skate backwards. We had tons of classes together, lots of fun and became fast friends at age 18.

  3. OMG phys ed was required? In college? Eeeeek. The thought of me on skates it terrifying.... I just thought you met him at a job.... That is so cutie.

    1. Yeah, just for the first two years. But I'm sort of happy we had roller skating together. Fun! :)


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