Monday, May 2, 2016

GoT versus Tornado Warning

Game of Thrones was soo good last night. Don't read the spoiler zone if you haven't seen it yet.

=========SPOILER ZONE===========
Though most people probably think the big thing that happened is the most interesting, I sort of thought the scene with Tyrion releasing the dragons was the most fun. Yeah yeah, John Snow has been resurrected but I knew that was coming. Pretty cool how ghost was the first one to notice though. That "wolf" even had a happy smile on it's face when it looked around.

Tyrion releasing the dragons was way cool. The trailer lied though… there was no big blast of dragon fire in his face. Trailers tend to do that anymore. Showing things to make us think one thing and then then totally dropping it from the real footage as if it never happened. I was wondering if he would turn out to be invulnerable to dragonfire and prove that Tyrion-Targaryen theory. Nope. Still, he has shown them that he is a friend. I wonder if he will ride one of them. 

My other big surprise with this episode was hearing the Children of the Forest tell Myra that Bran wasn't going to be at the tree forever and he would be needing her when he goes back out into the world. What? Oh! I thought Bran was going to take the 3-eyed-raven's place as principle greenseer tree dude and be hooked into the trees from now on. If he is going back out into the world will he be the third dragon-rider using a Tyrion-designed saddle? I was thinking it would be John Snow at first but now I think it will be Bran. Will there be Bran-dragon warging involved?

Incidentally, Hodor's real name is Walder, not Willis. They probably didn't want to confuse him with the Freys being that is a very unpopular house since the red wedding. He actually IS of the Frey line though, as is Old Nan, as are tons of people… but that really doesn't matter much in the story as they are telling it on tv (who knows if it will turn out to be significant in the story yet untold by G.R.R.M. for the books. Write faster dude, lol).

Oh, and I read elsewhere that Khal Drogo might be making another appearance on the show. Since he is dead and burned to ashes will it just be a Bran-vision of the past? Or will some of that weird prophesy come true? Travel East to go West (she is doing that by going to Vaes Dothrak in the East and maybe getting an army of ALL the Dothraki screamers to help her conquer the West). Mountains blow in the wind and all the rest… no idea. It might just be a wild rumor too.
======END SPOILER ZONE==========

Okay, I think I'm satisfied being able to talk all that spoiler and theory stuff out.

Time to work and to make that low carb tortilla recipe. Below is what I have planned for eats today. I'm still not completely on eggs, but I don't like them much so replacing a meal or two is as good as it gets for now.

Tornado sirens went off while we were watching GoT last night and no, we didn't run for the basement. I said "that's a real one, the tests are only Thursdays at noon". Ah well. I think the fact that we don't have kids to protect probably makes us braver in such situations. It's not like I'd go play in the street, but weighing the chance of a Tornado actually hitting us against missing the show we waited for all week combined with no longer having DVR service. Roll the dice, we're staying to watch our show. :P

Loki in a sunbeam – because who can resist.

[ .4g ] BPT with one egg mixed in
[ 5.8g ] ground beef and diced onion with black beans
[ 4g ] two low carb tortillas (less than two - they weren't that good)
[ .8g ] 2 eggs fried with butter

=====Total11 carbs=====


  1. I can't help it. I always read spoilers!! Haven't watched yet. Maybe tomorrow!

  2. I've watched it twice already. Spoilers don't keep me away.

  3. I've watched it twice already. Spoilers don't keep me away.


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