Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Loki with Sunbeams

I have my meals planned for the day but haven't accomplished much else yet. I created a big proposal of work for a new client yesterday but haven't heard from them yet.

Cro went to bed early last night! Well, early for him. It was 10ish and I noticed he was snoring so I snapped of the tv. Loki is used to getting treats at 11pm but he didn't ask until 2am so I offered them but he didn't eat. I dropped them on top of his dry food and noticed they were gone this morning so he self-treated at some time in the night.

After days of rain and watching our wet lawn get higher and higher, I half-joking wished for grass that never needed mowing. This morning a facebook friend had posted about successfully converting part of her lawn to an eco-friendly grass seed that resulted in a lawn that needed to be mowed once per year, if at all. Cool. It would be such a huge project to remove all of our lawn and replant it with eco-seed (aka hard fescue) though. Likely not going to happen.

[ 5g ] slice of cauli-pizza (cauliflower, ground sausage, diced onion, diced pepper, jalapeƱo cheese)
[ .6g ] BPT
[ 3.9g ] 1 square dark chocolate
[ 1.2g ] 2 eggs fried in butter

=====Total 10.7 carbs=====


  1. I love that idea about the lawn. :)

    What is BPT? Bullet proof tea?

  2. Yep. bullet-proof tea. Just hot tea with a TBSP of butter and an egg mixed in after the water is boiling hot.

  3. Yummm.... what kind of tea do you use? And anything to sweeten it up?

    I inherited a couple of amazing tea cups for my grandmother and I'm trying to get myself into tea.

  4. I love tea and have many flavors. The one I had this morning was a Bigelow tea called Constant Comment. I sweeten it with some liquid stevia but have added a squirt of sugar free Davinci syrups in the past too. I like sweet, lol.

  5. I love sweet, too! I put 8 drops of ez sweetz in all my coffee, along with heavy cream (just a tiny bit).

    Now, when do you put the egg in? Does it kind of thicken it up or what? I'm so curious. It seems like it would be pretty filling... Love warm on the tummy!

  6. I fill my tea mug (which is just a coffee cup) about 3/4 full of water then add it to the container I am going to microwave, add a dash of sea salt, pat of butter, dash of sugarfree Davinci if I'm using it and a tea bag. I nuke it all for 2 minutes and have the egg ready to crack into the mixture after I dispose of the tea bag. Then I use my stick blender on high to thoroughly blend in the egg. It becomes a little frothy as the egg blends in. If I want more sweet I add the stevia at this time too. After blending it's ready to drink and very very hot! :) I usually take a few sips before walking with the cup because it ends up filling my tea cup to the rim. :) Now I want tea.


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