Tuesday, May 17, 2016

low carb corn dog fail

Oh I had such a wonderful plan to make low carb corn dogs. I had directions. I laid everything out so neatly. Then I took my first alternate route and soon had those dogs hopelessly lost in the woods. Poor puppies.

The first detour was necessitated by my not having xanthan gum. After looking up substitutions I settled on gelatin. I mixed a small bit of dry gelatin powder with a small bit of water (notice my lack of specific measurements… another step off the path). Not remembering what to do after it had thickened I just added the little glob of thickened gelatin to my wet ingredients and mixed it good before adding to the dry.

My next detour was when the batter seemed too thick. My little stick blender was making struggling sounds. So I added more coconut milk. then more. then the entire rest of the can. Yes, now it seemed like a good consistency, I thought.

I dried off the hotdogs and coated them with a dusting of coconut flour as instructed. Then dipped them into the batter before dunking them carefully into the hot oil. Oh, one more detour… I used olive oil since it was what I have on hand. I don't think the recipe mentions what type of oil to fry in but I'll bet it wasn't olive oil.

Long story short, the batter didn't remain on the dogs and wanted to disintegrate into the oil. After a careful round of trying I gave up.

I have LOTS of batter and unfinished dogs left. Maybe I'll cut them into quarters and bake them since frying didn't turn out as planned.

Good plan. Good recipe. Poorly executed. Ah well. Here's the actual recipe if you want to give it a try. I'm sure you'll do much better than I did!

[ 4g ] LC corndogs - they still tasted okay though what a mess!
[ .6g ] egg
[ 10g ] salsa chili

=====Total 14.6 carbs=====


  1. Yes! You totally should bake them. OMG I blame you for my late night hot dog fest last night... This post seeped into my subconscious :)

    I bet they were still good.

    I haven't gotten really used to cooking in my new kitchen (well, I moved in seven months ago but haven't cooked much).

    You can always tell when I'm boiling water because the smoke detector goes off.. Happy day, sweet girl! Love-Angela

    1. I baked them and they were SO good. :)

      Yesterday's corndog attempt was a disaster but yeah, it still tasted good. I ate some of the not burned bits.

      Smoke in the kitchen is a regular happening for me. I'm getting better at it, I tell myself.

      <3 Happy day to you too. *hugs*


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