Sunday, May 1, 2016

The empty fridge diet

It's a beautiful Sunday and I'm filling it with eggs. >:[

Cro mistakenly changed our Peapod grocery order to be delivered next Friday (rather than last Friday) and I thought about Angie saying that eggs were all she had in the house, which makes it easier to decide what to have. Cool, now me too… almost. :/

Well, we have a few other things in the house but not much. Eggs is the main thing. :) At least for today. Cro may stop at the grocery to pick up a few things (maybe more eggs if I eat them all!) I have frozen veggies in the freezer so I may roast some veggies for later.

I discovered that I still had a pound of ground sirloin, a can of black beans and half an onion so chop chop chop sizzle sizzle sizzle… impromptu chili of sorts.

[ .4g ] egg fried with butter
[ .8g ] 2 eggs fried with butter
[ 5.8g ] ground beef and diced onion with black beans
[ .8g ] 2 eggs fried with butter

=====Total 7.8 carbs=====

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