Wednesday, May 25, 2016

when pigs fly…away (or at least the buns)

Thoughts of how I could turn my LC piggy-in-a-blanket muffin mix into hotdog and hamburger buns for Memorial Day plagued me in the night. I know, dreaming about food. *sigh*

I made another batch of muffins and put a dab of this or that into the middle. The ones I put a dab of peanut butter in were decent. The ones with cream cheese were nasty and went into the trash. The plain ones with no piggy and no pbj are fine.

Then I read an article about how almond flour isn't really so good for us. Full of PUFAs and causing inflammation. I don't know all of the details but likely some of my nurse friends do. Annie (CarbTripper) comes to mind.

Anyway, I'm nixing the idea of using the recipe to make buns for Memorial Day grilling and will just enjoy the grilled meats and veggies without bun. What is the need anyway… buns are a crutch I don't want. Meat is good eaten on a lettuce wrap or sans-bun.

But, I'm having some of my PUFA-laden almond flour mini-muffins today since I made a batch. They were much better as pig-in-a-blanket muffins. I'm sure I'll have them again but the almond flour needs to be a sometimes food rather than frequent. Inflammation makes my MS suck.

[ 6.7g ] 5 LC PBJ-in-a-Blanket muffins
[ 10g ] salsa chili
[ ?g ] TBD

=====Total 22.1 carbs=====


  1. I never understood pufa either.

  2. Replies
    1. Pufa sounds like the name of a creature from outer space… or maybe a deep sea animal. Pufa fish.

  3. I love almond flour. Everything in moderation, I suppose. Except for love. I love almond flour pound cake....

    You are becoming quite the chef, Miss Oct!

    I ordered some Walden Farms stuff from vitacost, so I suspect that I will have some new stuff on my menu in the future.

    Yeah, not sure about all that... The other day when I was in Aldi, the cashier said to me, "You just need to get some fish and evoo.." and I was like "whaaat" because I knew that I needed to get some omegas into my diet.

    Amazing cashier. Plus, he told me to keep everything in my cart because he could just ring it all up like that.... all my eggs and mustard. :)

  4. Now I want to make almond flour pound cake. lol

    It's fun how so many people know about low carb and the right things to eat now. Yay for amazing cashiers.

    I wish I had known when growing up! And I might have been successful training myself to like mustard. Then again, mom kept me in line with threat of making me eat a raw oyster. No spankings necessary… I was the most well-behaved kid ever. My sister liked raw oysters and got lots of spankings. She was rather bull-headed though.

  5. Almond flour pound cake... with strawberries sweetened with splenda... with real whipped cream sweetened with more splenda.... yeah, that may just be my birthday cake this year.... now I'm hungry again lol.


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