Thursday, June 16, 2016

a crown for a king

No, not a crown like Viserys got in Game of Thrones. Eeek! I had to have a crown for a tooth and it was expensive, but it's over! :)

I woke this morning unsure of what day it was. Lol, I took an Advil PM last night since tooth was painful after all the work. They had to give me two numbing shots and dig very close to the nerve. The dentist finally wasn't willing to dig any closer and filled the tooth with some sort of anti-bacterial goop before putting on the temporary crown. He said if that didn't kill whatever was in there (not his exact words, lol) he would have to do a root canal before putting on the permanent crown in a few weeks. Gah! I was so worried last night when the numbing meds started to wear off and I could feel pain. Cro told me that I shouldn't worry yet, to give it three days. He said the pain I was feeling was natural after having so much done to it today.

The broken tooth wasn't even the one that needed the crown. That part of my mouth feels much stronger now that the delicate tooth is fixed so hopefully that means the broken one isn't broken in a manner that will cause any more trouble. I have to trust the dentist and I'm sure I picked a great one.

When I woke, first thing I wondered was what day it was. *woke up* "What day is it. The weekend? No *sigh* it's Monday… wait… no… it's Thursday!" Then I realized there was no pain!!!!!

The power went out in the middle of drilling (big storm blowing through), but it came right back. I'll have to go back in three weeks when the permanent crown arrives but right now I'm set up with a temporary crown and no pain other than to my jaw muscles for keeping my mouth open so wide for hours.

Our back yard after the storm. No, we don't live on a lake.
I decided to try my new crown on a little steak. I did cut it very small (like 1/4 squares) and chewed slowly. I'm happy to report all is well with the new crown and the steak was good.

[ 4g ] steak and grilled veggies
[ 0g ] item
[ 0g ] item
[ 0g ] item

=====Total ___ carbs=====

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