Tuesday, June 28, 2016

B-day nightmares

Cro is home for a three-day vaca this week. One of the gifts I gave him for his birthday caused him to fear for his sight and not be able to sleep well. :( It was a red-line target sight but it was out of caliber enough that it looked like a blurry mess of dots to him. He made an appointment with eye-doctor and luckily got in yesterday morning at short notice. He has 20/10 vision in left eye (that is BETTER than 20/20, a bit worse in right eye and slight astigmatism in the right. It's odd to me that he has vision that is loads better than mine but now has contact lenses. Ah well, I'm happy that due to Lasik, I can drive without needing glasses/contacts now and can see the clock when I wake up… even if I don't have 20/20 vision or better.

I also ordered a new sight (we got it already and it isn't messed up) and am sending the defective one back.

Today he plans to do some bow shooting in the back yard with his new arrows. :D I also got him (us) and new Apple TV 4th generation.

We have a first generation Apple TV for sale now. Cro is going to see if anyone at his work wants it.

GoT season finale was great. Now we are between good television seasons. There's Outcast. And maybe Outlander since we haven't seen it and it's in season 3… no waiting!

I made a cauliflower-crust pizza but did it differently by ricing raw cauliflower, adding a couple of eggs, parmesan cheese, spices. I used a little bit of queso rather than pizza sauce, some ground beef I had made yesterday, pepperoni slices and shredded cheeses (a little sharp cheddar and shredded Italian).

[   2g ] fried bologna, spicy cheese, lettuce wrap
[ 10g ] big piece of cauli-crust pizza
[   1g ] roast and french green beans
[   0g ] item

=====Total 13 carbs=====


  1. I just went to the eye doctor too. A friend said I should splurge and get lasik. How do you like it?

  2. I love my Lasik but you saw all of the ghosting I had to go through. It isn't like that for everyone but do be aware. It's all fine now, it just took time.

    Also I did not have trouble with close-up vision before but Lasik can accelerate your need for reading glasses (I use glasses to read).

    It is a great freedom to no longer be near-sighted and no longer have to wear contacts/glasses to drive. I'm very happy to have had it done.


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