Saturday, June 4, 2016


Cro put up our new blackout curtain liners on the big window. It's a little too narrow on the right side but that shows you what a huge difference these liners make on our east-facing window. This was taken at 10ish am with no internal lights on. It's a little overcast today but I think this is going to solve the super-bright sunrise glare problem. We didn't do blackout curtain for the south-facing window.


  1. I want black out curtains, too! What would your recommendation be for a couple windows, not super expensive but also functional? I want to do something a little classier than stapling up some cardboard.

  2. They are so great! My recommendation is to get liner and clips to put up behind your existing curtains since that's what I did. I bought the liner from You'll just need to measure the windows that you want to cover and add a few extra inches to top, bottom and both sides (I didn't and that's why I have light gaps in the middle. The light gap on the far right curtain is because I told Cro they were measured square so he shouldn't need to worry about which is the longer side. Oops, they weren't quite square. Rather than have him take that one down, rotate to the long side and put back up I'll just buy another piece he can add (much easier since it's a reach even with a step stool.)


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