Monday, June 6, 2016

blinded by the light – nope!

I'm still loving the blackout curtain liner. Below is a photo of my computer screen this morning. There is no glare at all and it's a VERY bright morning. I want to buy another piece to add to the end where there is a light gap. The blackout liner was too narrow for that window.

I am way busy this week with responsive email designs and a website.

Cro's birthday is in a few weeks too! I have gifts on order so just waiting to wrap them.

Game of Thrones last night was like someone letting you smell a fresh cookie, take one bite and then *nope! That's all. See you next week!*. lol

Mom and I exchanged jokes on our phone call last night. Here's one:
A lady with a frog stuck to her head went to the doctor.
The doctor asked "What seems to be the trouble?"
The frog said "I have something stuck to my butt."

I bought a few pre-packaged steam-and-eat veggies. Something fast to make that is still low carb and hopefully healthy. I had the green beans and almonds pictured yesterday along with a serving of Dreamfield's rotini with some jalapeño cheese sauce and ground beef with lots of hot spices, diced onion and diced garlic. Yum. Dreamfield's needs to be a once a week thing though. I have to limit cheese too since I know that causes me to stall/gain even though it's low carb.

[     .6g ] BPT (tea, one egg, butter, stevia)
[ 3.75g ] steamed veggies
[      1g ] ham
[   4.2g ] 1 square of Dove dark chocolate
[      0g ] chicken
[      2g ] 1/3 ounce peanuts

=====Total 11.55 carbs=====

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