Thursday, June 23, 2016


Two days until Cro's birthday. And oh, did I mention his request to take a few vacation days away from work was approved? He gets to be home Monday – Wednesday. Work Thursday (it's his late night of inventory, last day of the month), work Friday and off again on Monday for July 4th.

Me, I'm here all the time. I may sleep or knock off work a little early while he's home. Depends on client deadlines.

I dreamt that Loki was having one of his wild run-abouts and jumped onto the kitchen counter, lost his footing and slid behind it. That's impossible since the counters are built completely flush with the wall. In the dream he slid behind and was so squished I was afraid he wouldn't last long. I called to Cro for help and we were going to use a crowbar (haha, Cro-bar) to get him out. Scary!

I often will think of new products or inventions in the wee hours of the morning. Nothing that hasn't already been invented… so far, lol. My latest one was birthday candles that signify a number of years rather than a single year. There would be 10-year candles that would be a bit taller and a bit thicker than 1 year candles but not so much as the candles shaped like actual numbers. To set them apart even more, they would have a different color flame. They could be sold in sets. Nine 10-year candles and nine 1-year candles would make a set. That would allow you to celebrate someone up to 99 years old without having to overwhelm their cake with ninety-nine candles. Anyway, it seemed like a great idea in my pre-awake mind. I went to and yeah, though there aren't sets like I mention, there are birthday candles that burn different color flames. Cool.

Soup again. Yes, I still eat at my desk while I work. Old habits.
The gifts are wrapped. Loki isn't happy since I didn't let him help. The day seems to be dragging and I couldn't face another bowl of chicken soup. Vegetable beef it is. Cro made it and it is mmm mmm good. Higher in carbs than the chicken, but not too high and I needed a change.

Vegetable beef soup made by Cro

[    1g ] small bowl of chicken-veggie soup
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate
[  20g ] bowl of beef-veggie soup made by Cro

=====Total 25.2 carbs=====

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