Tuesday, June 7, 2016

friends and movies and work

Busy day.

Matt emailed to ask about us seeing the latest X-Men movie on Thursday. I have key duplicates so I can't lock myself out of the Jeep this time!

He also said he had breakfast with an older guy who is now married to his late-mother's best friend. He said he lives a few miles up the road from my family and asked if I might know him. I don't but called mom to see if she might. She knows where that family lives but doesn't know if it's the older man or if his son has taken over the place. She said it's a very nice house and well-respected family. She used to buy hay for her horses from another guy who lives near there. Then she offered to take a photo of the house next time she goes up that way. lol… I told her that wasn't necessary, that Matt just wanted to know if we knew him. :)

Okay, I have a lot to do so I'd better get started.

[     .6g ] BPT (tea, one egg, butter, stevia)
[      5g ] steamed veggies
[      0g ] chicken
[   4.2g ] 1 square of Dove dark chocolate
[      0g ] chicken

=====Total 9.8 carbs=====

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