Thursday, June 2, 2016

glaring errors and windows

I'm trying for a similar menu today as what I had yesterday though there may be a couple of ounces of cheese added if Matt brings cheese sticks to the theater as a snack for us. He is so sweet and thoughtful.

My glaring error yesterday was in making an assumption based on memory. I thought Dove Dark Chocolates were 5 carbs for 3 pieces. Nope. They are serving size of five. If I divide the carbs per serving by 5, they are 4.2 carbs each. Ack. I had three yesterday so I have to correct my counts and only have ONE today. Memory isn't perfect and so I really need to check everything as I get back into the swing of a low carb lifestyle.

Yesterday I created a responsive email template in advance of quoting it. I had nothing better to do and creating it in advance greatly reduces the stress of how long it will take and question of if I can do it for their very low budget. And if they don't go for it, at least I spent the day doing something that sharpens my skills.

Blackout curtains! For cheap! $25 bucks cheap. Rather than purchasing expensive pre-made blackout drapes for the too-bright room, I bought blackout fabric and clips to line the curtains I already have. I'm super excited. The big window in the computer room is 99" wide by 54" tall. The curtains themselves are taller than 54" since they are floor length but I only needed to purchase material to line to the edge of the window. My existing are pinch pleat curtains on traverse rods so sort of expensive to replace. I've learned so much about types of curtains, drapes, and rods this week as I search for an affordable but not cheap-looking solution to all of the glare. Dracula should see me if he needs advice for his castle window treatments.

window glare

[    0g ] another leftover Memorial Day grilled chicken breast (so good!)
[ 1.2g ] 2 eggs
[ 4.2g ] one Dove dark chocolate
[    2g ] 1/3 ounce peanuts
[   .6g ] 1 egg

=====Total 8 carbs=====

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