Friday, June 17, 2016

horror, laughter and wheatgrass

Matt and I saw The Conjuring 2 last night. We loved it despite a few jump-scares and a few loud people crinkling some sort of food bag behind us. We are rather spoiled with having the theater to ourselves when we go so when we have to sit among people who talk during the show and crinkle stuff, it is annoying. It probably would be anyway.

I loved seeing Vera Farmiga (Norma in Bates Motel) playing as Lorraine Warren. She nailed it.

I was carrying out a handful of movie ticket stub and cheese stick plastic wrapper trash when we left and Matt tapped me on the shoulder, handing me a cheese wrapper and said "You dropped this." "You dropped this" has been a personal joke for us since college and I don't remember why. We stumbled out of the theater laughing so hard we could barely see. I wonder if people thought it odd that we came out of a horror flick laughing so hard. :D

Today I'm working on a responsive email design that is due Tuesday by 2pm. I've never had such a precise deadline before, lol. They had to push back my start time due to their own internal meetings so that is the absolute last minute that will give them enough time to review before their Wednesday presentation. It's cool, I have the weekend to work on it if needed.

This morning's bowl of soup is the first thing I've been able to eat without a thought to protecting tooth crown. When my meal was over I thought wow, everything tooth-wise is normal. Yay!

Konrad told me he is having a Dokken marathon and so I went to youtube to remind myself of what they even sound like. Not one of my super favs from the 80's but good guitarist. Cro calls them a second-tier heavy metal band. They are similar to Cinderella (which I love) but not as compelling. Anyway, when I pulled up the youtube page I saw this and watched it. Then I went to Amazon and ordered some wheat grass. We'll see.

[    3g ] bowl of chicken and veggie soup
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate
[    3g ] bowl of chicken and veggie soup
[    0g ] pork rinds

=====Total 10.2 carbs=====

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