Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ouch, my brain

Today was rough (work). I've spent the last two days and had fretful sleep while attempting to create a responsive email that will work on *x-email-service* only to finally give up. STRESS!

When I emailed my client to show them the beautiful email I had created and break it to them that *x-email-service* isn't going to be able to serve it, I found out that they had heard from other sources that *x-email-service* was not conducive to responsive email. :(

So now I have great code completed and it does work with another email service that I tested and probably any other mass email server that's worth it's salt. Not *x-email-service* though. I think the client has to continue with them for now and that makes me sad since I really want them to be able to use my code.

Ah well. So tired. I will sleep well tonight. Movie with Matt tomorrow night.

[    0g ] chicken (I had bits of a rotisserie chicken, all day. There is a lot left.)
[ 4.2g ] 1 Dove dark chocolate

=====Total 0 carbs=====

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