Tuesday, June 14, 2016

spooky stuff – ghosts and taxes. EEEK!

I'm busy and will probably have the same menu as yesterday. I'm having some soup right now.

I received the letter from IRS asking for the rest of what I owe for taxes. Thanks to cashing in my IRA I was able to write a big-ol' check and take care of it all at once rather than making payments.

*sigh* I hate having to pay extra taxes for the right to earn money as a freelancer. That does seem like a set-up. Ah well… it is how it is. Maybe I won't owe big bucks next year if I can make a few estimated tax payments this year.

*broken record off*

I'm hoping to hear from Matt today about seeing The Conjuring 2 on Thursday. That one is reportedly scarier than the first one.

[    3g ] bowl of chicken and veggie soup
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate
[    3g ] bowl of chicken and veggie soup
[    0g ] pork rinds

=====Total 10.2 carbs=====


  1. I agree on the taxes. This year, I'm taking out 35% of my earnings, which seems like so much. A quarter was not enough last year, so... Just making ends meet seems trying at times.

    About the Conjuring!!! I heard an interview on a podcast about a lady who lived in the house that was based off of... She wrote a book about it (which was awful), but it was cool - the stories and stuff.

    Love pork rinds! They make me SO thirsty, tho! haha

    1. Conjuring tonight! Probably not as scary as taxes, lol. Pork rinds make me thirsty too.

  2. Seinfeld fans!?

    These pretzels (pork rinds) are making me thirsty.

    Agree on taxes. Our accountant keeps an eye on it quarterly and tells us how much to put aside. We do state taxes for all the various states monthly to stay on top of it. (Online retail sales is our biz)

    1. Hehe, love Seinfeld.

      I can't imaging having to pay state taxes for every state. Your hubby gets great respect from me.


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