Monday, June 13, 2016

the weekend is over

What a horrific weekend (Orlando). So very sorrowful for those affected and for our world. Even those who weren't personally scarred by the happenings were probably impacted by it in some way. I know I was. It leaves me feeling shaky and depressed.

My personal weekend was just normal stuff. Worked all day Sunday and got the banner ad project sent to client. Cro mowed the lawn. We both watched Game of Thrones last night.

I made another chicken and veggie soup (different veggies) this morning and had real bone broth to make it with this time.

Loki says hi. He loves stretching out in the sun.

[    3g ] bowl of chicken and veggie soup
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate
[    3g ] bowl of chicken and veggie soup
[    0g ] pork rinds

=====Total 10.2 carbs=====


  1. I love routine......... My boyfriend and I need to get a show to watch..

    We do enjoy Jeopardy.... He gets so many right and he actually gets happy when I get one. It's super cute like that. Have you read the books of GOT?

  2. Watching Jeopardy together is so sweet. Quiz shows are a good chance to get to know each other too. I love how knowledgable Cro is about SO many things.

    Funny, I just asked him yesterday if he had any work contacts in Japan. He doesn't but wanted to know why. I said there was a Studio Ghibli figurine that I was thinking about for Matt. It's made in Japan but the company who makes it doesn't offer international shipping. He asked which figurine and I said it's a little witch who rides a broom and has a little black cat. He said "Oh, Kiki's Delivery Service". LOL!!! I was surprised he knew. :)

    1. Oh, and yes, I've read all of the books that inspired the GOT show. I'm actually in the middle of re-reading them again.


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