Friday, June 10, 2016

X-men, Preacher and weekend work

Matt and I saw the latest X-Men movie last night and while chatting during previews I asked if he had any interest in the new Preacher television series. He not only is interested in it but also has been collecting the comics from the very beginning. He had the first one signed by both the writer and artist.

 X-Men was good but even I noticed they had taken liberties with the character Rogue, making her a good person. She isn't a good person in the comics. It was funny when she did something good and Matt sat up and said "She is bad, bad, bad!"

We had the entire showing to ourselves so it was fun to be able to talk and laugh out loud like we would never do if anyone else had been in attendance.

Today I'm looking forward to the last of my chicken soup and to it being the day before the weekend. Even though I promised work for the weekend, it is still the weekend and that means a more relaxing couple of days with Cro home, sleeping in and Game of Thrones Sunday night.

[ 4.5g ] chicken and veggy soup
[    0g ] a few pork rinds
[  25g ] tomato soup from Noodles & Co. (a sometimes food)

=====Total 29.5 carbs=====

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