Thursday, July 21, 2016


A wreck just happened in front of our house. I heard BOOM! *screech!* a fraction of second of silence then another BOOM!. Cro said "That didn't sound good." No, it didn't.

It was just on the other side of our mailbox and I felt like a nosy lady by peeking out the window to see. I couldn't really see much but Cro could and said it looked very bad. Two cars were totaled, a black one had t-boned a silver one. As he left for work I asked him to let me know what he saw from our driveway. The emergency people were there and he said they were pulling people out. :( I opened the door to get a look after the ambulances left. They didn't leave with sirens blaring so maybe that means no one was critically injured. There are a lot of big truck sounds out there now so maybe tow trucks.

Cro said our road was blocked off on both ends when he left for work, but traffic is flowing again like nothing happened. There is a lonely car bumper still sitting in the grass across the street.

Ghostbusters last night was fun. Though we were the only two in the theater at first, a gaggle of children were wandering up and down the aisles by the end of the movie. Where did all of these young-un's come from? hehe. It didn't seem to me like a movie little children would like. No one ended up crying though.

tuna cakes with Helava Good Sour Cream dip
[ 1g ] tiny amount of leftover burger florentine
[ 1g ] 2 blackberries (.41 each, I rounded up)
[ 3g ] bacon and cheddar cheese
[ 2g ] tuna patties
[ 1g ] Helava Good Sour Cream dip
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate

=====Total 12.2 carbs=====

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