Monday, July 25, 2016


It was hot last night! Sleeping was uncomfortable even with the central air and all fans on at full blast. Loki couldn't understand why I didn't want him to sleep in his normal spot in the crook of my arm. He is a little hot pocket.

I looked into supplemental cooling and thought I might buy an evaporative air cooling unit. Amazon couldn't deliver it until Wednesday and it's supposed to be a little cooler anyway so meh, I didn't order it. It would have been nice for last night.

We finished Outlander season two. I have a couple of episodes of Stranger Things left to watch and then I guess we are between seasons of good television. Oh well, I have books to read.

stuffed pepper deconstructed
- browned ground beef
- browned ground hot sausage
- diced red pepper (4.5g carbs) 
- 1/2 cup diced onion (7.5g carbs)
- cream cheese (8g carbs)
- 4oz shredded cheddar (4g carbs)
serving size, 1/6 of the batch: 4 carbs

[ 4g ] roast beef
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate
[ 2g ] mozzarella string cheese
[ 4g ] stuffed pepper deconstructed
[ 4g ] Quest bar

=====Total 18.2 carbs=====

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