Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday, yay. Lock your door.

I unlocked the front door and had only the screen door between me and the world when I got a paranoid feeling and went back and locked the screen door. This isn't unusual since I'm pretty wary of people and they walk up and down the (lack of) sidewalk in front of our house all day and night. Someone even drove across our lawn last week.

Back to the story: so I heard a *thump* and glanced up to see someone walking away. I got up and there was a big package on the step but the walk-away guy stayed in his car, sitting in the driveway for several minutes. So, I left the package where it was and didn't open the door to get it until after he had driven away. The package was addressed to someone I didn't know and wasn't even addressed to our street. I brought it in and took a phone-snap to send to Cro. I was unsure what to do since it was a fairly hefty package (not huge, but probably 30 pounds or so) from Blue Apron. It couldn't be something cheap and it was likely perishable. The person it was addressed to was going to be out whatever it was. Should I look up the name online and call them? But no, maybe that was the idea, to get an invite into the house. Paranoid, lol.

Cro thought it was odd too and said I shouldn't call the person who it was addressed to, I should call the company who sent it.

Five minutes or so later the delivery guy (unmarked car and no uniform) came back and knocked on the door. He explained that he had delivered the wrong package to me and held up one to show me it was addressed to me. He said "Is this you?" I said yes and opened the door. He started to walk right in! :o

I asked him to step outside while I get the package. He seemed a bit startled and said "Oh, yeah. I'm sorry!" and backed up to stand on the step. I got the Blue Apron package for him and he left.

Strange and a little disturbing but all is good. I'm sure he was just flustered with fear that he'd made a mistake and potentially lost a delivery.

That makes me a little less confident about online deliveries. I know in order to save money, lots of places are using independent delivery people rather than big company delivery services. That means more and more strangers are going to be coming to everyone's doors. Keeping the door locked is a good idea.

[ 3g ] cauliflower chocolate pudding
[ 13g El Milagro flour tortilla
[ 5g ] small  scoop of spaghetti squash enchilada mixture
[ 1g ] 1 ounce shredded cheddar
[ 0g ] 8 pork rinds

=====Total 22 carbs=====


  1. Scary! We keep our doors locked all the time and I don't answer the door u mnless im expecting a package Home invasions are not unheard of here.

    1. I haven't heard of it happening to anyone I know here, but it's better to always be safe!

  2. Dang, girl. You had that sixth sense going, too. Luckily for me, my dog keeps a pretty good lookout, but she would show the guy to the safe rather than unlock it.

    I feel like if they are doing any kind of deliveries, they should at least have a magnet or something on their truck, comparable to a Pizza Hut topper on the top of their personal vehicle.

    Glad you are okay. Super scary stuff.

    1. lol about your dog. Loki has a "me first" attitude when it come to anything scary. Danger? Dive under something and hide!


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