Monday, July 11, 2016

No Pokemons for me

This is supposed to be a busy two days, but the work is held up by client so it may just be a quiet day today and a mad scramble tomorrow. Normally I would be stressing but na, stressing isn't going to hurry them up and it's only going to make me feel sick.

So, I'll treat today as a "check in and see if client has it together" and otherwise, chill.

I heated half a pork chop in the microwave for 3 minutes. Those of you who can cook are likely thinking 3 minutes? What? When I heard the ding I opened the door to a hockey puck. Hmm, it wasn't so small when I put it in there, oh well, eat it anyway. Fork and knife a'ready but that hockey puck wasn't going to be eaten. It was no longer a pork chop. It had transcended into a pork rock.

I tossed it in the trash and heated the other half of a pork chop for 30 seconds or so. Just right.

I was so excited yesterday thinking that the new Pokemon GO! app might be just the ticket to make recumbent biking more fun. Then Cro told me he thinks that app uses GPS to key off of your location as you move. Since I can recumbent bike for miles while not moving an inch in physical space, the app won't work. I'll find no Pokemons. The virtual terrain won't change and I might as well be looking at a still photo of the room. Poke-boo :(

One thing that I can do more is to watch Sling-TV on my phone while I bike. It's my own personal mini cardio theater. I suppose I could move the recumbent bike into the room with the big screen tv but that isn't going to happen since that would cause some overcrowding.

[ 0g ] 3oz of grilled pork chop
[ 0g ] 3oz of grilled pork chop
[ 5g ] steamed veggies
[ 5g ] steamed veggies

=====Total 10 carbs=====

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