Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I dreamt that a tornado was coming. Tornados have always been intelligent predators in my dreams. I hid under a very big and heavy bed that was so close to the floor that I had to squeeze under. I guess it worked because next I was at the grocery, purchasing a green bean casserole machine (I know, what?) for a friend who had no money due to the tornado. I asked the clerk what I should write on the check so it could be used by the friend for a future purchase including tax. The clerk said to write the words "CASH AMOUNT" and it would take care of the appliance purchase plus tax but nothing more. How does it know?

lol… It doesn't work that way. And what's up with a green bean casserole machine? Weird.

[ 4g ] stuffed pepper deconstructed
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate
[ 13g El Milagro flour tortilla
[ 1g ] 1oz cheddar
[ 1g ] 1oz mozzarella

=====Total 23.2 carbs=====

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