Wednesday, July 13, 2016

projects, dreams and cauliflower

I finished a couple of projects yesterday. One was web updates for a university performing arts theater (live performances, not movies). The other was a responsive email design.

Dreams seem to have a theme lately. I'm italicizing the dream so you can skip it if you want to.

Our dish washer malfunctioned in a manner that sent bits and parts flying all over inside and Cro was looking at it. I remember him reaching in and recovering some sort of wheel that had exploded. Kitchen disasters (usually whatever I'm cooking) is nothing new but this wasn't my fault though I had turned it on. 
        Then I met Matt for a movie. We met at his office, but it wasn't his actual office. Just some office in the dream. We arrived at the theater separately. Lots of my cousin's friends were there so I sat at the end of the row in the middle of a block of four empty seats. When Matt arrived he saw another one of his friends who motioned to him to talk. The movie hadn't started yet so he went to talk to that guy, then the movie started and he was still occupied with the talking guy so I moved over to allow more people to sit (still saving one). The movie was almost over and Matt sat by me and seemed upset at whatever the other guy had been talking to him about. :(
        We then headed to Matt's house but I was first stopped by a client who wanted urgently for me to remove a page from her website due to some political thing she was doing. Sure. 
        At Matt's he had several sewing machines at his computer desk(s). Multiple desks because of so many machines. Weird. I asked if he minded if I did some quick website work on the laptop I had with me. Then I woke up. :P I think Loki was in there somewhere too but I've spilled out what I remember.

Sorry for all of the dream stuff. I treat this blog as my own personal journal so dreams go in here too.

I ate a small portion of the cauliflower chocolate pudding for breakfast. It would have been very good if I hadn't used some off brand of liquid stevia that gave it a bitter taste. Another failed dish.

Later today I plan to make spaghetti squash with ground beef and enchilada sauce. It sounds good. I hope it turns out edible.

If no other client work happens today (well, I have a bit from the Texas home builders) I plan to work on my planned Etsy shop. I'm thinking digital downloads would be a good way to start. Maybe I'll do a few social media icon sets and go from there.

Yay, the spaghetti squash/enchilada bake turned out good. :9

[ 2g ] cauliflower chocolate "pudding"
[ 20g ] spaghetti squash enchilada
[ 8g ] peanuts and whipped cream
[ 0g ] bacon

=====Total 30 carbs=====

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