Monday, July 18, 2016


This week is starting out dark and stormy. I sort of like it though.

Cro and I have been watching a show called Outlander and we finished the last few episodes of the first season last night. The finalé covers the infamous physical and psychological man-on-man rape of one of the lead characters. The psychological mind-f*$% reminded me lots of what was done to Peta in the Hunger Games. Both characters were left with feelings of mistrust and revulsion toward their significant other (well, Peta wasn't yet married to Katniss but she was still his significant other.

I'm not counting the above as spoiler since it's already been widely talked about online and I didn't give anything away other than rape happened and it was pretty brutal.

This week I have lots to do but am also waiting on clients so I can get started. Matt and I are going to see the Ghostbusters remake one night this week too. It looks like a worthy remake that doesn't attempt to erase what was done the first time. And Melissa McCarthy! It will definitely be funny.

Influenced by the burger florentine I've seen posted by Angie, I made my own version from what I had on hand. It's so good.

[ 10g ] half portion of spaghetti squash enchilada mixture
[ 8g ] pork rinds and cream cheese
[ 4g ] roast beef
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate
[ 4g ] roast beef
[ 3.75 ] burger florentine (1/8 of batch)
=====Total 33.95 carbs=====

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