Thursday, July 7, 2016

vivid dream

I dreamt last night that we made an absolute decision not to move to the farm after mom passes. Mom hasn't died and is in no way close to (thank goodness!!!) but having made the decision was good. But on waking, no decision has been made and I brought it up to Cro. He only shrugged his shoulders but then said that he would need to have a job and we can't go months without him having one. I take that as it's me who will have to make the final decision and I'm nowhere close to knowing what would be best. We would have income from the ongoing field rental. That's already setup and the same farmer has been renting the land and putting in crops for 10 years or so (before dad died). It's not mega money but cost of living is also less there and my income is portable in that I can do it anywhere I take my computer equipment and have an internet connection.

There are lots of things to consider. We are spoiled with all of the conveniences of living in the city. Everything is so close that we rarely have to drive more than a couple of miles to do whatever we like. Cro's job is here. We own a house here. My friend Matt is here. He travels to visit his family (so driving close to the area) many times per year so I'm sure I'd still see him, but the semi-weekly movie outings would no longer happen and so we might grow more distant. Mom has horses and outdoor cats and a dog who would require immediate daily feedings and the house/yard/pond itself will also need someone tending to them (so having homes in both places won't work for us, we have to choose and sell one or the other).

And yes, all of this is a moot point right now. Mom is alive and will be for hopefully many more years. Any number of things could happen between now and then. She may need to sell everything herself at some point, which would take the decision off the table. I will definitely need to move there for a few weeks to keep the animals fed and get the place sold if she doesn't and if us selling it is going to be the decision. Stupid dreams!

And in other less profound aspects of the dream, my cousin Robbie was doing some work on the place (not sure what but it was some heavy construction involving the barn or other buildings, mom and Laura arrived while we were there to visit and mom asked if we would like her to make hamburgers and she could "fix them low carb". Laura said she would like one but wasn't up for low carb. I laughed and said "Laura will have a low carb burger with the bun."

It was good to visit and see them both. :)

[ 10g ] tomato soup
[ 0g ] item
[ 0g ] item
[ 0g ] item

=====Total ___ carbs=====

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  1. Your dreams are usually fascinating. Do you employ any methods to remember them?


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