Friday, July 22, 2016

wayback me

I started off the day planning a post about my personal existentialism and legacy but most of that posting desire has evaporated with the day.

Basically I was thinking about what meaning would be left behind in the world as a result of my personal existence. Yes, I enjoy my life, but the question on my mind is what is left behind when I'm gone (hopefully I will last several more decades, lol).

So what will I be remembered by or what signs that I was here remain? I already know that the work I do will be gone. Websites I designed in the 90's still can be found via the waybackmachine, but they are disintegrating, images are falling away and little to no trace will last decades. Here's one from 1999.

Ha! The wayback machine only goes back to 1996. I started in web design in 1995. Yeah, I wasn't long out of college!

So anyway, my work isn't going to last and is not going to be my legacy. How about things I've written? Things I've written in blogs and on facebook will outlast me but even those services will fail with time I'm sure.

Here's a waybackmachine screenshot of a broken diaryland entry in 2001. Ha, I even mention Matt. :)

So my art will disappear, my writing will disappear, I have no kids (and that doesn't mean a long legacy anyway… I don't know my great-great grandmother's name on either side. I do know much of my paternal side and have the names all the way back to the 1700's, but the ones deeper in my past are gone to me and gone to the world.

I suppose unless we do something awesome enough to make us famous, or something vile enough to make us infamous we are doomed to be forgotten.

But really, is that so bad? I don't exist to be remembered.

In the shorter term of history, this blog may be of some use to another little person who is struggling with their weight. I hope they find company in my sharing it all.

lol! I found a diaryland entry that is just as retrospective as this one, and it actually still has a photo of me!

In case the link disappears here it is all the way from 2001, disintegrated, broken bits and all:

[ 1g ] tuna patties
[ .5g ] Helava Good Sour Cream dip
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate
[ 1g ] two blackberries
[ 4g ] roast beef
[ 1g ] moz string cheese
[ 4g ] cocoa almonds

=====Total 15.7 carbs=====

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