Wednesday, July 6, 2016

yay dentist visit (yay it's over)

The morning began with me at the dentist so the permanent crown could be installed. The word installed sounds so easy. pfft, it's not as easy as Legos. They had secured the temporary crown so well that it took two people yanking on it to get it out. Grrr. It's over anyway. As I was about to leave the dental assistant asked if I would like to go ahead and have the second crown done since they have time today. Yeah, I need another one at some point but um… no! I don't have another $750 to spare. It can wait until next year, lol. That tooth has been how it is for several years and doesn't bother me.

When I got back to work there was another responsive email job wanting a quote. Quoted it, conference call, clear to go. It is on a hot timeline so has to be ready to fly by Monday.

Oh, before that I worked on the rum distillery guy's site and got all of his domains pointed there.

Wee. :)

Cro's company had a contingency plan for catastrophic events (like the death of the managing partner). The other two partners are going to keep the company going though it will be a bit chaotic for awhile as everyone adjusts.

• half a chicken breast
• green bean casserole

=====Total ___ carbs=====

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