Monday, August 15, 2016

bang bang

Technician dudes are downstairs removing our old furnace and hopefully putting in the new one. The air conditioning condenser unit also gets replaced today. I can hear lots of banging and chatting murmurs happening down there.

I sequestered Loki in his tent for the first hour or so but let him out when it seems like they aren't going to be coming up and down the stairs. He is acting nervous at the strange noises.

*It's 5:31 and they are still working on the installs. Wow. Cro laughed yesterday when I asked how long he thought it would take and after he said 3 or 4 hours I grumbled that I sort of wish it would take longer since it is costing us so much. He laughed again today and said that at least we were getting our money's worth.

[ 4g ] lemon Quest bar
[ 3g ] burger with bacon, pinch of shredded cheddar, tsp sour cream, hot peppers

=====Total 7 carbs=====

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