Tuesday, August 16, 2016

mummy rat

The DialOne guys are still working to install the central air. Last night they said they had done diagnostics and thought the coil was bad. It was leaking. So this morning they were back with a new coil but it wasn't long before they said it isn't the coil, it's a faulty service valve. They went back to the shop to get a replacement a couple of hours ago. I'm wondering if it is something else entirely since I haven't heard from them since they've been back.

It's tough to have taken out a loan for that much money and to be worried about problems before it's even installed.

In other news. they found a RAT underneath when they removed the old furnace. A big, old, long-ago dead rat. I didn't see it but Cro bagged it up and got rid of it. He said it was basically a skeleton with fur. A rat mummy. Ewww. I'm guessing that it has been dead for 15+ years since we have never seen sign of rats and it would take a looong time to become a skeleton with fur. 15+ years is what I'm telling myself since I bought this house 15 years ago.

Here is the new furnace.

… and several hours later. They are finally finished! The house is still hot and humid but the tech said it will take half a day to a full day to cycle out all of the humidity and feel cool. They are leaving a window AC unit until tomorrow.

I'm so happy that it's over but still a little sore about how much we had to borrow. Ah well, payment plan.

[ 8g ] roast beef
[ 0g ] pork rinds
[ 6g ] cream cheese

=====Total 14 carbs=====

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