Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pokemon and Oopsie buns

While I was waiting for Matt I thought to look at the Pokemon Go app. There were Pokemon all over the place in Matt's parking lot! He snapped this pic of Pokemon Weedle sitting on the ledge of his car window. Maybe it wanted to see the movie with us. The movie was good and scary! It got us a few times with jump scares. I'm learning to appreciate them for the laughs we get after the scare. BOO!!! EEK!!! lololol

I'm going to try making this Pork Rind Oopsie Bread today to use as hotdog buns.

These turned out very substantial, hearty and bread-like. I made three hotdogs but only ate one with and two without the "bun" because they are so filling. I did bake this "faux-cassia" bread for an extra 15 minutes, 5 minutes at a time so I could check and not burn it. It will definitely hold up as hamburger buns, even with lots of toppings.

[ 2g ] two Hebrew National beef franks
[ 2g ] two mozzarella string cheese
[ 3g ] diced onion and diced bacon
[ 4g ] 2 Pork Rind Oopsie hotdog buns
[ 1g ] 2 blackberries
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate

=====Total 16.2 carbs=====

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