Monday, August 29, 2016

surf-n-turf – hold the extra surf

Cro is taking a couple of vacation days at the end of next week, and Monday is a holiday. WooHoo! Two day work week. But this week is the normal 5 days and Wednesday is his end-of-the-month inventory day.

Wednesday is also dad's birthday. He would have been 74. Mom is 73 and drove a tractor in her small-town parade over the weekend. Fun. :) It's odd to not be focused on the horses part of the parade. Horses are always last in parades, for obvious reasons. No one wants to walk through what the horses leave behind.

We watched "The night of" finale last night. It was more than good and ended better than I imagined. I think James Gandolfini would have been proud.

I ordered a couple of products from The Great Low Carb Bread Company on a whim just because I read a blog post about them yesterday. That's the result of shopping while I'm hungry I suppose. I'm sort of conflicted about it now. I don't want to become reliant on a product that says it is low carb but turns out to be a monster in disguise. Eek. Maybe these will be true blue. We'll see!

There was lots of flooding in Indianapolis over the past few days. We changed our Saturday date spot from Bonefish Grill on the NE side of Indy to a restaurant closer to home because of big flooding in that area. Water was midway up the doors of cars parked in the big mall on that side of town. Driving to Bonefish Grill would have required us to cross a bridge that spanned the river and I just wonder if the bridge roadway would have been underwater too. Yikes and no thanks.

I'm attempting a low carb zucchini bread recipe. I'll post a pic if it turns out okay.

More than okay … yum

[ .6g ] boiled egg
[ 0g ] bacon
[ 3g ] cheddar
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate
[ 5g ] LC zucchini bread

=====Total 12.8 carbs=====

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