Monday, August 8, 2016

The road to Happily Ever After

Inspired by Lyn at Escape from Obesity I've decided to start my own Virtual Mission and add the progress to this blog. For a great example of one that is well on it's way, check out Lyn's Mission.

What I'm loving it is the ability to see photos of the area you are virtually traveling through. That gives the exercise a bit more flavor than just working out. I've decided to do my Virtual Mission starting at Cro's childhood home, head down to Atlanta where he lived before moving here, and finishing up in Indianapolis where we are living happily ever after. :)

The ability to view photos of the route as I go is so cool. I get to see what it's like on the road from there to here and since I'm still early on the route, I'm getting to see landscapes that Cro knew early in his life. Later I'll go through Atlanta and see scenes that he probably saw on a daily basis, and finally get to experience how the terrain changes as it gets closer and closer to where we are now.

So, here's a couple of pics from the first 5 miles and here is my Virtual Mission page.

Away we go. He said those ponds were right in the back yard.
I can already tell that North Carolina is MUCH closer to a coast than Indiana.
Crossing Jim "Catfish" Hunter Bridge in Hertford NC.

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