Monday, August 22, 2016

the sea vs the country

Cro and I have started entering home giveaway sweepstakes and have done what should probably never be done and fell in love with a particular home. Why is this a bad idea? Because if we should happen to win it will be a struggle to keep it, given the taxes on the win would be many MANY times what we have. And falling in love with something that is a remote chance of happening is a good way to set ourselves up for disappointment later. BUT! We don't really play the lottery anymore and this is not only free to enter, it has greater odds of winning than the big ol' lottery. So, we are going to continue to try. If we win, Cro says he is sure we could find a way to keep it and live there.

It's a coastal home, overlooking the sea. I know Cro misses that lots. Me, having never lived near an ocean or any body of water larger than a 3 acre lake, don't really know what it's like to miss the sea. Having grown up in the country I know what it's like to miss wide-open space, clean air, quiet, comfortable solitude and privacy. Missing the sea is probably a little like that but with its own set of charms.

[ 2g ] BPT (tea, butter, egg, tsp DaVinci sugarfree syrup and pinch of stevia)
[ 2g ] BPT (tea, butter, egg, tsp DaVinci sugarfree syrup and pinch of stevia)
[ 4g ] ground beef, sliced leeks, Heluva Good French Onion Dip
[ 4g ] Dove dark chocolate

=====Total 12 carbs=====

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