Friday, August 19, 2016

the sky is falling (well, the ceiling anyway)

Matt and I went to see Suicide Squad last night and enjoyed it lots. It was better than I thought it was going to be after hearing some bad reviews. Very fun.

Our theater ceiling was falling down though! At least one tile of it did. Thankfully it had fallen before we entered the room but it was disconcerting to see as we looked for the perfect place to sit. Not there! No one was in the theater when we first got there and we soon discovered something was wrong with our 3D glasses. Matt volunteered to take our glasses back to the front desk for exchange and to report the ceiling mess. They adjusted the 3D settings on the film and that fixed our glasses problem (we didn't miss anything since it was still pre-previews time). In the meantime, another man entered the theater and decided to sit amongst the ceiling debris. Weird. A few minutes later a lady with trash can and broom arrived to clean it up, but really could only pick up the piece of ceiling that had fallen in the aisle since dumb-bunny man was sitting in the rest of it. Maybe he thought he could claim it fell on him? Sorry but no. We saw it was there before he entered.

Maybe he just really wanted to sit in that seat, no matter what. lol

I guess Suicide Squad concludes the Matt & Tracy summer movie watching extravaganza. There are no more movies that we want to watch for about a month. :(

[ 10g ] 2 servings of cauliflower/radish hash
[ 4g ] Lemon Quest bar
[ 6g ] ipork rinds with cream cheese
[ 2g ] a few raspberries and blackberries

=====Total 22 carbs=====

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