Sunday, August 14, 2016

the story of an unfun weekend

What a sucky way to start the weekend! Friday it was warm in the house but I didn't think much of it until after Cro got home and I checked the thermostat. I thought maybe the system was just frozen-up from overuse so I turned it off for awhile to thaw things out. Cro said he was going to go down to the compressor to look it over and when he came back upstairs he had a serious look on his face and said "It's bad".

The fan blades had seized and wouldn't move at all. He thought that maybe a bearing had gone bad and caused it to jam. Then he said he hoped the motor hadn't burned out due to continuing to try to run. (Yeah, I'm telling all of this jargon from memory so hopefully you are getting the gist).

I called our heating and air people (Dial One) even though it was after hours. They scheduled a technician to come out Saturday morning and gave me a 7am - 11am time slot. I got up at 5am and got a call from the tech that he'd be here at 8ish. After checking it out, there was bad news again. The system was a goner and we would have to replace it all.


Our furnace is 17 years old and we knew it was beginning to develop cracks in the heat exchange so we decided to replace it along with the air conditioning. Buying them together was a better deal than buying them separately.

After an $8k commitment we have new central heat and air units scheduled to be installed on Monday. They brought over a window air until to keep us comfortable until then.

And that's the story of our unfun weekend.

[ 2g ] cocoa almonds
[ 3g ] burger with bacon, pinch of shredded cheddar, tsp sour cream, hot peppers
[ 6g ] pork rinds and cream cheese

=====Total 11 carbs=====

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