Friday, August 5, 2016

to the end

In my dreams last night I was with a few former coworkers. We always got on more like friends and work was fun when I was around them. The dream took place in college, as if they were classmates in the same field of study who were also coworkers. Anyway, in the dream we were graduating and going our separate ways. One of the guys was horseback riding with me at the end of the dream and as we rode away on our own trails, we waved goodbye, smiled and knew we'd see each other again.

And I woke to find out he is leaving the place where we really were coworkers (for many many years) to start working with a different company.

Prophetic dream? Ah, I suppose they all can be if I think about them that way and fit them into what's happening around me.

It's Friday! See, sometimes the end of things is the best part.

I made broccoli soup and mmm, bliss! Here is the recipe. i made it without cheese but I've seen similar recipes for broccoli-cheddar soup that are nearly the same but add shredded cheddar. I did sprinkle some cheddar on top. I will be making this again and maybe not blend it so finely next time. A little bit of broccoli bits is good too.

Here's how good it is. I'm going to have a second bowl.

[ 1g ] mozzarella string cheese
[ 0g ] pork rinds
[ 2g ] cream cheese
[ 6g ] Emerald Isle Soup (broccoli, diced leeks, chicken broth and cream)
[ 3g ] shredded cheddar

=====Total 12 carbs=====

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