Monday, August 1, 2016

weekend spooks and Etsy

Another weekend gone. Cro and I watched a horror movie called The Boy, starring Lauren Cohen. It was good. I thought it was going to be a supernatural horror movie but turned out to be super creepy reality-based horror movie (which are often the scariest kind). Nah, I still love the supernatural stuff best. This one was worth seeing.

Loren Cohen seems to be in everything now. :) We saw (me for the second time) Batman vs Superman this weekend too. She plays Batman's mom but wasn't on screen very long.

I started my Etsy shop. They have a cute little widget so I can show it off below but don't think I'm trying to solicit your business!! lol. I just want to share what I've accomplished in creating the shop. I only have three items but it will be a fun project to add to in between client work. Since it's digital downloads, I've already done the work and can just let it exist. I may add listings for custom design work at some point. I'll have to give that lots of thought since custom design projects require a relationship with each client and I'm not sure Etsy is a good venue for that.

[ 4g ] Quest bar
[ 4g ] stuffed pepper deconstructed
[ 1.5g ] mozzarella string cheese with tiny dab of peanut butter
[ 1.5g ] mozzarella string cheese with tiny dab of peanut butter
[ 1g ] 2 blackberries
[ 4.2g ] Dove dark chocolate

=====Total 16.2 carbs=====

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