Monday, August 8, 2016

what would you choose?

I made a big pot of broccoli soup last night, packaged it in Tupperware and weighed it all this morning so I could portion out the carbs precisely. The entire 70-ounce batch turns out to be 62 carbs. So a 5oz serving is 4.4carbs.

Cro and I watched a strange movie last night called The Lobster. It's too bizarre to quickly explain but check out the IMDb page if you are interested. In short, people who find themselves single after a certain age are gathered together and given 45 days to find a new partner or face being turned into an animal. They have to choose which animal they will be turned into before the 45 days begin. Among other bizarre things, they have to hunt (with tranquilizer gun) "loners" (single people who have gone off the grid). For every loner they bag a day is added to their stay of transformation.

It was a pretty good movie despite being so strange. Cro asked what animal I would choose, lol. After thinking a bit I decided on elephant (giant sea turtle was also on my mind). He said elephant was a good choice. I asked what he would choose and he said a giant Galápagos Tortoise. I think it's cool that we both had giant turtles in mind. When I asked why a land tortoise rather than a sea turtle he said he thought there would be more survivability as a tortoise.

[ 4.4g ] 5oz broccoli soup (broccoli, diced leeks, bone broth and cream)
[ 4.4g ] 5oz broccoli soup
[ 0g ] item

=====Total _ carbs=====


  1. I just saw a preview of that movie and I really want to watch it.

    1. I'm glad we watched it. Very quirky and entertaining.


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