Wednesday, September 14, 2016

100 miles

I broke 100 miles this morning on the recumbent bike. I suppose that isn't a big deal but it's a fun milestone. When I mentioned it to Cro I had the My Virtual Mission page on screen. He laughed and said that it was going to be the same view for the next month because the highway 17 bypass has nothing on it. I love doing a virtual journey through places that are so familiar to him. Oh, and there is a real Farmville on the map to the south of where I am. That made me laugh.

Woot of happiness! Cro is taking more vacation days at the end of next week. He didn't use all that were available to him last year and lost several.

Oh! American Horror Story starts up again tonight. I hope it's a good season but I know I'll watch it regardless (nothing else is on).

Speaking of TV, I think I'm now addicted to watching MMA (mixed martial arts). Cro likes it, which is why I started watching it, but I actually like it. Conner McGregor is my dude MMA fav and Ronda Rousey is my fem fav. I even like the unknowns though. And had a great time scoffing at CM Punk. I suppose it was brave of him to try it after a successful career play-acting like he was a fighter. Yeah, I'm setting myself up for some scoffing of my own since I don't really know enough about what WWE requires of a person physically. Maybe they are more fighter than actor after all, but I don't think so. Mikey Gall got a big career boost in being CM Punk's opponent. He went from practically unknown to the fighter who submitted CM Punk in the first round.

[ 3g ] one slice of LC pizza
[ 4g ] Dove dark chocolate
[ 4g ] Quest bar
[ 0g ] pork rinds
[ 4g ] cream cheese
[ 2g ] 1/2 Quest bar

=====Total 17 carbs=====

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about American horror story! I've never watched but this season looks interesting. It's about to come on here!


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