Thursday, September 15, 2016

biking and ghosts

5.2 miles this morning
Yesterday was kind of fun when I proposed a solution for a navigation element that was both unwieldy and would have been unnecessarily time consuming. The client loved the idea and it's now sleeker, more user-friendly and cut 2 hours off implementation. Win-Win-Win

Now is the time to stop reading if you don't want American Horror Story spoilers.

-------------------SPOILERS BELOW-------------------------

As I waited for this season of American Horror Story I was both excited to see what it might be and dreading that it might suck. Lady Gaga sort of ruined last season for me. I don't say this out of hate for Lady Gaga, I actually like lots of her music and was excited when I first learned she would be starring in a season. And to be fair, I did enjoy last season, just not as much as I normally do. Ah well, anyway… she doesn't appear to be in this season and the MAIN thing, I'm excited about the theme for this season which has to do with an unsolved mystery that took place in the 1800's near where Cro grew up!

The lost colony of Roanoke island! After watching the first episode I am intrigued and looking forward to the next one. Matt said he isn't hooked yet but hopes to be soon.

Roanoke, and specifically the word "Croatoan" link back to the first episode of American Horror Story. Croatoan is the name of the Native American tribe in the area of the lost colony's disappearance. It was also the word used in a spell attempting to ban undead spirits from the Murder House.

But all that aside, Roanoke Island is not far from where Cro grew up! Here is a map of the area from the virtual biking mission I've been doing. The start flag is Cro's childhood home and I circled Roanoke Island in red.

-------------------SPOILERS OVER-------------------------

[ 3g ] one slice of LC pizza
[ 6g ] 1.5 Quest bar
[ 0g ] ground beef
[ 0g ] beef frank
[ 2g ] shredded cheddar
[ 0g ] item

=====Total ___ carbs=====

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